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Veggie Dell

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Ingredients: Fermented plant extract, fructose, oligosacharide, Vitamin E, Vitamin E2, Vitamin B6, bananas, soybean, sesame, cashew nut. Storage Keep in cool dry place and refrigerate after opening. Once opened to drink daily and to complete soonest. This product is made from natural fruits, plants and vegetables, therefore the flavour, colour and smell varies from lot to lot. The quality of the product will not be affected due to the variation.

Veggie Dell

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Fruits and Vegetables Enzyme

Nutritional facts per servings of 100ml

Calories               175kcal  Vitamin B1        3.45mg
Protein                    0.35g Vitamin B2        1.26mg
Fat                          0.11g Vitamin B6        1.20mg
Carbohydrate       43.04g Vitamin E           6.21mg
Salt                         0.4g

Ingredients: fermented using 106 kinds of vegetables and fruits extract, amounting to 1,020 g of vegetables in 360 ml

The hot-selling enzyme in Japan.  Using traditional refinery technology originated since 1830.

Period of fermentation: 3 years fermentation period

one year fermentation -using aged yeast called Saccharomyces

one year of harvesting - not a drop of water used for the fermentation

one year of refinery 

Enzymes are proteins that control the speed of the chemical reactions in your body.  Without enzymes, these reactions would take place too slowly to keep you alive. 

How enzymes help and needed in our body

•             Energy production

•             Absorption of oxygen

.             Fighting infections and healing wounds

•             Reducing inflammation

•             Getting nutrients into your cells

•             Carrying away toxic wastes

•             Breaking down fats in your blood, regulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels

•             Dissolving blood clots

•             Proper hormone regulation

•             Slowing the ageing process

Enzyme deficiency results in poor digestion and poor nutrient absorption. This creates a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms, including:

•             Constipation

•             Bloating

•             Cramping

•             Flatulence and belching

•             Heartburn and acid reflux

Ingredients:  Fermented plant extract, brown sugar, radish, carrot, turnip, burlock, onion, lotus root, ginger, Japanese ginger, lily bulb, wasabi , bean sprout, potato, sweet potato, taro, garlic, napa, cabbage, spinach, corn marigold, lettuce, jew's marrow, butterbur, potherb mustard, komatsuna, chisya, bok choy, honewort, chinese chive, purple cabbage, red leaf lettuce, parsley, chives, menegi,celery, cauliflower, brocolli, edible chrysanthenum, bamboo shoot, stem of a taro, Udo, asparagus, pumpkin, cucumber, melon cucumber, eggplant, tomato, watermelon, white gourd-melon, momordica charantia, melon, small sweet green pepper, green pepper,zucchini, okura, angelica keisleo, plantain, licorice, houttuynia cordata, chinese matrimony vine, field horsetail, turmeric, silvervine, biwada, strawberry, mandarin, lemon, ume,loquat, grape, prune, citrus sudachi hort, citrus sphaerocarpa, persimmon, pear, papaya, mango, yuzu, banana, pineapple, almond, cashew nut, kelp,soft seaweed, edible brown algae, green laver, mozuku, laver, akasa, shiitake mushroom, hen of the woods, flammulina velutipes shimezi mushroom, litchi, brown rice, barley, adlay, foxtail millet, European millet, barnyard grass, corn, sesame, small beans, black soybeans, kidney beans, green soybeans, high fructose corn syrup, maltose oligosaccharide, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6

How to drink

  • 60ml - and mixed with 360ml plain water
  • use room termperature or cold water, as hot water will damage the nutrients properties
  • refrain from drinking if you are allergic to any of the ingredients

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